In the following video archers get a small insight into our Bow-Cinema:



Bow-Cinema all-In-one

Bow-Cinema all-in-one

How it works

Order at

  • We will send out your Bow-Cinema incl. target within 24 hours.
  • No waiting time!

Installation & Construction


  • Installation of the beamer is simple thanks to the quick start guide.
  • Time 15min


  • The construction of the target is very easy due to only 6 individual segments.
  • Strap tightened around the segments and ready
  • Now only fix the shot paper on the target with target nails.
  • Time 20min

Your bow cinema is now “ready to shoot”.


  • simply select the desired sequences or movies with the remote control.
  • the shot sequence begins
  • as soon as the kill lights up you have a time frame to shoot
  • after each shot a solution takes place
  • after 6 sequences, a short overview of the last 6 shots is given
  • Here you have time to pull arrows
  • After that, another 6 sequences follow