What are the dimensions of the Bow-Cinema?


What are the dimensions of the Bow-Cinema?

An important point is the dimensions of arched cinema. Fortunately, our Bow-Cinema is very individual here. So that the Bow-Cinema adapts perfectly to your space, without missing the fun of archery.

If you choose the Bow-Cinema with the target (https://bow-cinema.com/product/bogen-kino-all-in-one/), you will receive a target with a length of 3m, a height of 2m. The target has a thickness of 25cm and consists of 6 individual segments. These segments are square and measure 1m x 1m. Due to the high quality of our target you can shoot with traditional bows (up to 80lbs) and compound bows (up to 50lbs). The target is extremely durable and has a very long life. The hits are also placed over the whole target so that no spot is overloaded.

Structure of the target:

Before archery can begin, the target must first be built up. But don’t worry, the target is quick and easy to assemble. Simply fix the 6 segments with the tensioning belt (included) all around.

Afterwards only the supplied shot paper is hooked to the target with the enclosed target nails and you are done.

If you decide for the bow cinema without target (https://bow-cinema.com/product/bogen-kino/), of course the size of the target is left to you. We can also cut our shot paper to a different size for you.

Here you can have a look of the assembled target:

Bow-Cinema Target

Distance to target

How far do you shoot on the Bow-Cinema?

  • The minimum distance for perfect archery is 4m.
  • The maximum distance is 30m

Of course, it depends on the available space and on the other hand on yourself. So it is up to you from which distance you want to archery.


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