With our Bow-Cinema we have created a system that will please every archer.

✅ Archery at any time regardless of weather and darkness.

✅ constantly new shot sequences.

✅ numerous different targets whether animals, moving targets, fantasy, dinosaurs, fun games, training films, concentration films, etc.

✅ real parcours from all over the world to shoot at home.

✅ Shoot alone or together with up to 4 friends.

✅ Fun for the whole family.

✅ various difficulty levels.

✅ perfect training possibilities -> sharpening of the senses thanks to movable targets.

✅ possible from a distance of 4m from the target. The system allows a larger distance to be simulated.

✅ the target consists of individual segments, so the size of the target can be flexibly adapted to the space available.

✅ flexible transport.

✅ Indoor: whether in the cellar, in the attic, in the garage or in the hobby room. Thanks to its flexible design, the system can be set up and dismantled in just a few minutes.

✅ Outdoor: thanks to our powerful beamer, it can also be used in sunlight. Our Bow-Cinema can also be set up quickly, is mobile and flexible here.