Our Bow-Cinema is perfectly suited for events of all kinds.

✅ perfect for company & leisure events, birthdays, trade fairs and much more.

✅ because our Bow-Cinema can shoot up to 4 people at the same time, action & fun is guaranteed.

✅ so that your event does not fail in bad weather -> our Bow-Cinema can be operated indoors and outdoors

✅ various Bow-Cinema films provide variety svensktapotek.net.

✅ it is also possible to create a special Bow Cinema film for your company or your event.

✅ simple & fast set-up of the complete system.

✅ the target consists of individual segments, so the size of the target can be flexibly adapted to the available space.

✅ mobile and easy to transport. Events at the customer are no problem.

✅ from 4m to 30m distance to the target possible. Various distances can be simulated by the Bow-Cinema system.